Practice makes Permanent -
So be careful
how you practice!

Piano Success


Music, emergingA jumble of notes coming from a grand piano from all its Pieces and Parts:

The Piano Language sub-titles show a very nice musical progression.
If a pianist can conquer each of these Parts, he will become a
successful life-long musician!

Musical information for teaching, for learning, for inspiration, for you:

Making Music Makes You Smarter Brochure
Power and Success In Piano Lessons
A Thought About Piano Recitals Lessons Didn't Help Comic
Learning Styles Survey Part 1
Learning Styles Survey Part 2
Student Questionnaire
Rating Parents and Factors of Success

Big Practice Rocks Poster
Epperson's Magical Practice
Practice Makes Permanent
Two Posters: Muscles and Practice
It's Not How Much You Practice, It's HOW!
Developing the Ability to Prehear the Music

Pedagogy Observation Chart
Student Registration Form
For Teachers to Get Results - For Success
Lesson Policy and Responsibilities
Piano Ad and Poster
Celebrating Certification
Beethoven's Line of Descent to Us
Alaska Adjudications Guidelines and Registration Form Bach Duo



Published by North Pole Keys and Song
Marsha Dynes, Nationally Certified Teacher of Music.